Just outside the main door of the church to the left are the graves of Marian and Caja Hemar. Marian Hemar was a noted Polish songwriter, poet and entertainer who first found fame in the 1930's. He fled Poland ahead of the German invasion and settled in England, broadcasting to occupied Poland. He continued to broadcast after the war for Radio Free Poland in opposition to the communist regime. His wife Caja was an American actress and is perhaps best known as the original actress whose statue adorned the logo of Columbia Pictures.

Further down the slope are the tombs of the Heath family of Kitlands who have many connections with the church and locality. Further east are the tombs of Josiah Wedgwood III of Leith Hill Place, grandson of the great potter of the same name, and members of his family including Margaret Vaughan Williams, his daughter and mother of Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Elsewhere buried in the churchyard are Isabella Fyvie Mayo, better known as the novelist Edward Garrett; nineteenth century historian H. E. Malden; Sir James Mackenzie early pioneer in heart research; Philip Paddon an engineer and Rolls Royce dealer and inventor of modifications including thermostatic radiators and Bill Travers, actor and conservationist, well known for his roles in a string of films including Born Free and his many years of campaigning for the rights of wild animals through the Born Free Foundation which he founded in 1984 with his wife Dame Virginia McKenna, also a noted actor, who still lives in Coldharbour and runs the foundation with their son Will Travers.

East of the church are the graves of Sir Alexander Hargreaves Brown and his family and the church's founders John Labouchere and their family mentioned in detail on a previous page.