This organisation co-ordinates and funds most village social and sporting events. It holds the public indemnity insurance which covers all sanctioned events. It owns and manages the Community Pavilion and other village assets.


The Club was officially formed in 1967. Several small individual village clubs had existed before this amalgamation, including the village band, cricket club, rifle and stool-ball clubs. The Village Society was a later invention, formed initially to protect the village environment, and this became a very active social society. In September 2008, in order to comply with the terms of the new National Trust pavilion lease, the constitution of the club was changed to reflect its new status of a 'Registered Company limited by guarantee'.

Affiliated Groups

John Hopper Cricket Club 07957 611664
Amanda Hanlin Village Society 07770 324083
Piers Cooke Quiz Night and Aikido 711745
Debby Chapman Monthly Coffee Mornings 711704
Debby Chapman Elderly residents outings and film shows 711704
Stuart McLachlan Golf Society 712009
The appointed directors are John Hopper, Bernard Jupé and Stuart McLachlan, company number 06691005, audited accounts are available on request.